Audi Used-Car center in Eching

Eching, Germany, Europe, 2013

The well-known Audi slogan, "Vorsprung durch Technik", is used in its entirety for the complete lighting of the Audi used car center: Only lighting solutions featuring LED technology are used for a wide variety of applications on the 45,000 m2 site at Eching near Munich, Germany. Together with its subsidiary Siteco, OSRAM implemented highly modern LED lighting at the location, and the system can be flexibly controlled, requires extremely low maintenance and is able to achieve significant cost savings thanks to high energy efficiency.

Builder: AUDI AG, Bau Projektmanagementoffice

Architect: Architekturbüro Heese

Planner: IBM-TGA GmbH

Installer: Bachner Elektro GmbH und Co. KG 

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Honda replaces 8,000 fluorescent lamps with innovative SubstiTUBE LED tubes

Gent, Belgium, Europe, 2014

Located in the port of Ghent, Belgium, Honda Motor Europe Logistics has been the logistics center of Honda in Europe for more than 30 years. Recently, 8,000 obsolete fluorescent lamps ended up in the container and were replaced by energy-saving OSRAM LED tubes. Right from the start the new innovative LED strip light illumination saves more than 20 % of energy and maintenance costs.

Customer: Honda Motors Europe Logistics

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Dynamic LED Daylight system in new control center of the Berlin Transport Authority (BVG)

Berlin, Germany, Europe, 2015

There are plans to jointly control and monitor Berlin subway traffic from the new control center of the Berlin Transport Authority (BVG) in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde from 2016. The control room is the heart of the building, in which up to 21 employees work at the same time, and which has been planned and set up following the latest ergonomic requirements. One of these requirements is the innovative daylight system from the OSRAM subsidiary Siteco, integrated in the 65 m² glass roof. The CombiSol system enables energy-efficient use of natural daylight, offers effective protection against heat and glare, and ensures standard-compliant ergonomic lighting for the high number of screen-based workstations.

Light planning by Lichtvision

Architect:  Trapez Architektur Dirk Landwehr

Attractive LED solution for the shopping mall Mandarin Gallery in Singapore

Singapore, Singapore, Asia/Pacific, 2014

The Mandarin Gallery, located in the heart of Singapore's shopping area, has become one of the best known locations in Orchard Road. A modern four-story shopping paradise with international premium brands has been created from a former hotel lobby. Along with the architectural restructuring, 500 PrevaLED COIN 111 LED modules and 500 OPTOTRONIC drivers were installed to replace the old halogen lighting. The innovative LED solutions from OSRAM's lighting specialists make the interior of the shopping center appear even classier, featuring efficient state-of-the-art LED lighting that is well worth seeing.

Project Engineer: Alvin Pang/Im Two Pte Ltd. 

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State-of-the-art stage lighting for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna

Vienna, Austria, Europe, 2015

The Eurovision Song Contest is the world's largest TV entertainment event. Viewers in their hundreds of millions follow the semi-finals and the major final each year on their TV screens. A legendary music show that, over the decades, has lost none of its fascination. The ESC 2015 took place in Vienna's Guildhall. Stage lighting this year was given a particular role – virtual spaces were to be created using state-of-the-art lighting technology. Each one of the 40 performances was given a truly unmistakable design thanks to high-performance products by OSRAM and its subsidiary Clay Paky.

Contractor: European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
Customer: Production Resource Group (PRG)
Lighting designer: Al Gurdon
Picture: © Ralph Larmann

OSRAM sets a Highlight in the Munich Subway

26.10.2015 | Trade Press

OSRAM supplies an innovative LED solution for a renovated mezzanine floor at Marienplatz

The lighting concept designed by Ingo Maurer features a generously dimensioned lilght ceiling with 1.062 LED light lines from OSRAM.

Source: OSRAM

Illumination of European Energy Exchange (EEX) Logos with state-of-the-art LED backlighting in Leipzig

Leipzig, Germany, Europe, 2015

The 142 meter high skyscraper on Augustusplatz nicknamed the Uniriese (university giant) or otherwise the MDR-Hochhaus (MDR tower) is the tallest building in Leipzig. Originally erected as a university building, it now houses the headquarters of the European Energy Exchange (EEX). The long-established global company Neontechnik Elektroanlagen Leipzig (NEL) was commissioned by EEX to install two 40 square meter EEX logos at a height of 120 meters. The challenge was to make sure that the logo lettering, which consists of two black letters and one red letter, would be visible from a distance at night even in front of the gray facade. Innovative white LED modules for illuminated advertising and backlighting from OSRAM were the solution for this complex lighting challenge.


Partner Engineer: S&P Sahlmann & Partner GmbH
Lighting Consultant & Installer: NEL Neotechnik Elektroanlagen Leipzig GmbH
Picture: © NEL Neontechnik Elektroanlagen Leipzig GmbH

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